Shoes & Socks For Little People
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Who is Willow ?

Willow is all about items for little people. Willow doesn’t subscribe to anything but quality. He has appreciation for all things simple. He believes that we should buy things once to last a lifetime of memories.

Willow is not about grand designs but about keeping things simple like a clean & tidy wardrobe.  He loves his books in a line, toy cars & trucks neatly displayed above his bed, drawers tidy, sandpit free of weeds, bike put away at the end of each day. Finishing one task before starting another. They aren’t life changing chores but all of them together make for a well presented wardrobe, playroom and a happy mum.

All products sourced have his approval before being sold, tried and tested for their timeless quality.

No order leaves the store without Willow’s approval of wrapping.  Each parcel is hand wrapped but to very strict standards with a personal touch from Willow.

When your little n small & full of beans, Its these small things mentioned that sets you up for life. His methods don’t need explaining they will always be the same, buy things once to last a lifetime of memories.  

As Willows becomes a little older more gorgeous lines will be added to his store including a few useful things used at home for big people.  Subscribe to his emails so he’s the first to let you know when these arrive. xx